More In-Depth Class Specializations


Can we have more In-Depth class specializations in this game? Each class has 3 specializations but it does not have much of an impact later on in the game. I am suggesting that each class specialization has a more differences than just stats and starting perk. So each specialization feels really "special" because it feels like it does not matter at all which class specialty you choose since later in the game it does not matter anyway.

My suggestion would be that maybe the class specialties have passive skills or special mechanics that other specialties don't have like say having a narrower shot spread for ranged weapons when a ranged specialist uses the weapon. Or being able to move while shooting though this change needs to be in every class. It just makes the game feel better. For example I choose a ranged specialization so in a sense I should feel powerful when equipped with ranged guns but not so much if I go melee etc.

The current class specializations feel superficial at most since they don't offer too much difference over the other. And the passive skill trees feel generic across the different class specialties. It would be cool that each class and specialty that made that individual character unique to the others.

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More In-Depth Class Specializations
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289 days ago

The various sub-classes most likely won't get changed from this point of view (further balancing may take place though).