morality points missin


hello good I was informed and comment and say that the morality should be 250 points ending the campaign I do not know if it would be correct because my 3 characters that I have at level 100 have not passed 205 and one of them the psychic has 150 I know if it will be a bug of the game but I would like it if they are not in the correct points I will be graded since the morality in these moments of the game is important and I have always followed the paths of each type that is needed for those points therefore I get in contact with you for that type of bug that I do not understand the difference of morality points.

character crossed lv 100 name pitur puritan morality points 205.

murderous character lv 100 name raspas morality radical points 215.

character psitico lv 100 name claws morality radical points 150.

I hope response and help thanks.

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morality points missin
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28 days ago

Even I was wrong with one character, i didn´t with the others. Would you mind to kindly check it please? I think there is a bug somehow with morality points. Thank you

29 days ago
Perdona que te lo ponga en español pero veo que google no es muy buena traduciendo lo que quiero decir es que creo que la moralidad esta bug no es normal que con ningun personaje halla llegado 225 con la campaña y tampoco me digas que me eh equivocado con los 3 escogiendo rutas diferentes y entre esto te comento que alguna prioritaria e echo por lo tanto deveria tener mas de 225 por favor podrian corregirme este error en los personajes por lo menos poniendomelos en 225 gracias revisenlo por que no es normal.
29 days ago

good about your comment I can say that I am not a 16-year-old kid I am 42 years old and I know perfectly what the paths of morality are and if I contact you it is because I think there is some bug in morality check it i and segide the right sedas with every character that i was chosen and with none I get to 225 of mass chance to have wrong with the 3 do not believe and that I do some priority quest please I would like to correct that to me and that look in size if it is a bug of the game that they have My account is paws and my characters already mentioned them in the first post thank you in advance

30 days ago
As I recall the maximum reachable Morality points from the campaign is 225 while you can reach the maximum by playing Priority assignments which occasionally provide a Morality decision - their appearance rate is quite low, we may increase this.

In case your points are lower than 225 than you sometimes chose another path that is why the numbers are lower now.