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would it be possible to implement some respecc options for the morality skills? Not the skillpoints itself, but the whole decision you can make.

Reason behind this is, the morality didnt had much impact on the game in 1.0, before the level increase to 80, so most of the characters are "stuck" on one path.

You couldnt get enough morality influence, so most people took the left tree for the +10 warp damage (atleast most psyker did)

Now with levelcap to 100 and options to gain more morality through the storyline and small bits of points through missions,  you can actually make a consierable use out of it.

It wouldnt make much of an impact on the campain itself, since the choice is purely cosmetical and has no real influence on the outcome of the end of it.

Also i see the campain more as a "tutorial" since the real endgame is as always the grind for better gear, getting to lvl 100.

The price could be higher than your normal respecc, costing 5x mind resets, instead of 1x. because its not bound to a specific weapontype.

But creating a new character just because of maybe 4 skillpoints seems a bit harsh.

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Morality Perk suggestion
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207 days ago

Not quite the items,  but one of the tree benefits a certain playstyle (radical is heavily focused on warpdamge/absorb) whilst puritan gives you overvall more damage and surviability.

So if the meta or playstyle is shifting, radcial is always gonna be slightly worse than puritan.

I understand that its something you have to learn and mostly will change when creating a second character, but for older character its a "deadlock"

Maybe a overall respecc might not be a option, but some ways to chance that would be nice. a higher rate of missions with a morality bonus, or a overall increase of morality gain by such missions.

Right now you are basically stuck with your choice and changing it will take weeks if not months.

For the armour you could set a limitation on it, so that you can only use them if you have the morality line fully achived. Otherwise they are just not usable.

Would prevent to get the bonus from one tree and the items from another after changing your morality.

I think there are some possibilites to consider, to increase the QoL for morality increase/decrease.

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208 days ago
We will consider this option, not sure if it will ever get implemented though. May I ask do you want to have morality items from another path?