Melee targeting


I love this game!! But the melee feels clunky, I think removing the targeting for consoles would be a good step forward

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Melee targeting
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139 days ago

I tried that method as well. I could see how you could get used to it, but I still think removing the movement that is attached to the targeting would make it feel better 

It’s like an automatic attack, just hold down the button and it will bounce from person to person automatically 

I would rather go to each individual enemy with my left thumb stick and mash the buttons when I am in position.....

140 days ago

it seems at first. use the left analog stick to sub-aiming in the desired direction. and use auto sight on bosses (R3 button). and use camera view by right analog stick in some situations. it's more convenient than using a mouse, in my opinion. or i’m just a hardcore console gamer :)

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