Main Mission Progression Blocking Bug


I am having a significant bug that has made playing this game impossible. At the end of any of the three planets in the first story missions after the tutorial, when the Inquisitor starts to say that the doctor is not present, the game locks up. Graphic engine ceases to update, although audio continues to play. Menu will not open and only option is to close the game. As this happens on all three planets I cannot currently progress in the game.

Since there is no crash I didn't know if there was any dump file I could attatch. Let me know.

System Specs:

  • Windows 10 with latest updates
  •  Geforce 1080 GPU using latest driver
  •  Intel 6700k CPU
  •  16 GB DDR4 RAM
  •  PCI-e connected SSD 500 GB
EDIT: Am otherwise getting a fairly stable framerate without crashes or other stability issues

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Main Mission Progression Blocking Bug
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258 days ago

We released a hotfix just now, the problem was resolved and you can properly proceed in the campaign now. Thank you for your patience!

258 days ago

Thank you for the report, we are already working on the issue right now and are planning to release a new hotfix in Steam today or tomorrow at most.