Mail system


1.  Timer of expiration  ex: (when does it go back  to  Receiver /sender 

2. Why can we only send 5 items  not  10 as per slots .

3. Why some mails come back say (restricted as head tile)

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Mail system
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51 days ago
Cerberus Hades

You have to retrieve the items otherwise they get sent back.

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57 days ago
Still doesn't answer the question.   I want know do I have retrieve  the items or can just open  it the mail to count .


How do u assess  the 2 pg if only reads only 1st pg 

58 days ago
Unclaimed is easy really.

When in the case of RECEIVER is having a Mail, he/she is having X number of days of claiming/opening that Mail/Box/Package. If he/she is NOT claiming/opening this within X number of days, it will be sent back to original SENDER as Unclaimed.

58 days ago
Why isn't there an button  to read all Mail? 

Why can I not  open form 2 pg to read.  Keep trying open form  the 1st page..

Plz fix the mail system 

59 days ago

Can u expand on what u mean  by ( unclaimed) 

Thanks .

59 days ago

After 7 days the unclaimed items are sent back to the sender.

This is a limitation, we decided that 5 items will be a limit/message.

Because these emails are not claimed in time.