Lost Void Crusade Loot


So I just had an amazingly frustrating experience with my Impeccable Void Crusade for SOI. I finished the Supreme Mission and had no space in my inventory, so all the loot up ended up on the ground. I had all the keys and intels, and it was an impressive pile of loot, but after exiting the crusade to the bridge, it was nowhere to be found! I sold off all the stuff in my inventory and then opened the pending reward from the mission, which had 2 items in it. Not sure what's going on, but I'd sure appreciate any help or tips on trying to get it back. I play on X Box with a gamertag of Saber 7 Actual and a seasonal character by the name of Thermus. I have trying restarting the game and the console both no no luck :(

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Lost Void Crusade Loot
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1 year 212 days ago

Although we cannot restore your lost items in Void Crusade we provided you a few lootboxes. They can be found in your inventory [Thermus]. We are sorry for the caused inconvenience.