Last stand co-op game mode


I really like this game and I gotta say 2.0 really was a game changer for it. I hope Neocore gets the player base numbers you deserve. I'm doing my part and advertising this game to all my friends who like the genre.

I wonder though if adding a Last Stand game mode for co-op game play ever crossed your minds. I believe many players are old Dawn of war fans and I think most of us enjoyed Last Stand and some still do (like me), but I always looked for a new iteration of that gameplay on newer games and who knows, maybe this game could have it someday.

What do you guys think? Anyone who ever player or still plays Last Stand would like the idea of having something similar here? And if you do, how would you think this could be implemented? As a separated game mode with their own possible choices for heroes and leveling system or maybe just something that could be incorporated to the game itself, where you would play with your own heroes?

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Last stand co-op game mode
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