Laggy suddenly



Recently, the game has become quite laggy.

I play on a PS4 Pro, 1GB connection that is never under 150mb both ways. Confirmed speeds locally and completed troubleshooting. I even did a reinstall and checked the default settings. No dice.

The game has become so laggy as to be completely unplayable. Only the main bridge between missions is functional, but still very choppy.

Only WH40K has this issue.

After what seems to be the recent server update, the problem began.

I have only recently purchased the game, but I have been enjoying it immensely and would like to get back to it.

Hoping to hear from you folks soon, thanks in advance.

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Laggy suddenly
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66 days ago

Could you tell me if you experience the lag with all of your characters or with just one? If it is the latter then please check of your character has any item equipped with an enchant which grants any kind of bonus via Attribute points. Remove that item and check if you are still lagging.

There is such an ongoing issue where items with attribute-related enchants cause severe lags. We would like to make sure you ran into this bug. If not please let me know. Thank you!

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