Lag Bug Stuterring Freeze... help


played a few weeks and now the game is unplayable got stuttering, lag,  low fps, freeze for few seconde... each time i play a mission dont know what happen in 1 day but its very disapointing .... im on PC with an high end system and RTX 3080 GPU dont know what the problem is i run all my others games fine. try to lower rez and reinstall the game file check etc nothing just nothing...

thank you for your time

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Lag Bug Stuterring Freeze... help
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63 days ago
Same here, after a while of playing the game gets choppy and suddenly it keeps dropping frames left and right to a point where it just freezes and crashes. 

Initially it seems to have been fixed after todays update with the Sororitas class but after about 3 hours or so of playing the stuttering / frame drops and freezes to crashes came back. 

Tried different graphic options (using an RTX 3090) checked for updates for anything I could find even some clean installs but nothing. And the rest of the games I play all work without issues. Just Inquisitor Martyr that has these insane frame drops. 

70 days ago
Could you please check what @AFEDIENKO‍ suggested?
71 days ago

Paste from Discord:
Nvidia Control Panel - Global Settings - Low Latency - Ultra
Nvidia Inspector - Max pre rendered frames = 3 for "Warhammer 40000 - Martyr" profile

Have no more issues on RTX3070Ti

73 days ago
nope not at all zero gpu update .... and i play on a RTX 3080 personnaly i will be surprise to get graphic issues . but many many people said this is probably due to their server a lot of people have this issues time to time or always with good pc spec and many leave the game sadly ... bucuz you freeze but the game continue then u die cuz you dont see nothing and when it unfreeze ...well you failed your mission or worst your void crusade... it sad when the new Sororitas is coming but the game have issue that render the game unplayable for many players...
74 days ago

The game was totally fine for a few weeks and all of a sudden the performance got worse for no obvious reason? We haven't updated the PC version since mid-October.

Did you update your GPU driver? That could have an impact on the performance I guess.

74 days ago
Not a very unlikely issue for PC to have stuttering and freezing on some rare occasions. It happens, yes. I probably had the same thing around 5-7 or so times on occasions through the years, yes.

Live with it. On periods it may happen, on others not. Not much for comfort, but that is just what it is.

If it doesn´t get slightly better over a bit of time, it may be your internet or even provider/deliverer that sucks around.

75 days ago
Exacxt here. sometimes the Screen freezes. Only the Video the Game is still running in the background. Also my Commands i was using bevore (Fireorders) are running I fire as a reload comes and i am absolut helples while i have no chanmce to do annythimg. so its impossible fo run a Crusade.

PC is able to play Cyperpunk aso with max settings ! Also the Network is stable in the Frezzes ( i run a ping nearby)

all internet tips are useless. I CANT by the sororitas addon whyle this Freezes are still.