King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame achievements bug!



this is propably unexpected for you to see post about game which was developed 6 years ago, and then abadoned...but as a 100% achievement guy, I just wanted to ask someone who could help me, and all fellows who want to get all achieves in that game.

So the problem is with 2 hidden achievements on Steam - "Conqueror" and "Born Diplomat'. They have no description; only scarse percentage of people got it (probably on earlier versions) and community is literally dead. Our only hope lays here ,on this forum.

I was searching a lot to find solution about these two - but i found nothing. No real description, no help from ppl who actually got it...just void - like this game had community assembled from 8 guys. >_>

So any dev or game-fan or bored modder or programmist could please tell us how to unlock them? Maybe little bugfix for game (maybe triggers are broken)? Or simple tool to unlock these two? You can also consider to delete these two from achievement pool?

I am kinda ashamed of myself to post such thing here, but this aspect of game feels like it is unfinished.

Only dev-team can really do something about it, so it seems like you are our only hope...
I don't expect any real solutions except being driven out, as this is not your problem anymore...but thank you in advance just for reading.

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King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame achievements bug!
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3 years 117 days ago
I'm still waiting, and not only I - there are at least 100 more curious ppl, waiting to gain 100% legit way.