Items dropping outside the Map


Recently Items have been popping outside the map resulting in the inability to collect them. I must of lost a half a dozen or more relic items just last night to this effect, not to mention all the money drops.... In till this situation is resolved, may I make a few suggestions:

1. That the collect all button's range be upgraded to allow the picking up of items that drop outside the map.  

2.  A button applied in a patch to allow items to be redropped inside the map. Aka on press of this button all items in a certain range will be moved towards the characters location by a certain distance, excluding supply drops such as inoculators so that it can't be abused. The range being anything in the view of the current screen. 

3. All item drops from monsters, barrels, and boxes be dropped at the players current character location within a radius of 1 m. 

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Items dropping outside the Map
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55 days ago
Thanks for your suggestions, our developers will think about a possible fix.