Issue with season one battle pass on xbox one


I bought the season pass on xbox one but none of the season pass content is available to me?

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Issue with season one battle pass on xbox one
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3 years 323 days ago
The Season pass does not yet contain any DLCs but we will soon start releasing them one by one. According to our plans 2 DLCs will come out this month and several more to come in the next year! Additionally there will be a content update this week on both PS4 and Xbox.
3 years 326 days ago
The theme is actually available and will be free for you... if you manage to find it. For whatever idiotic reason, Neocore didn't just automatically include the theme in the season pass download, so you'll have to search your respective store (PS or XBOX) for it and download it separately. 

As for the other season pass content, none of it has been released yet. Consoles are supposedly getting Season 1 (Dark Eldar) this month. But I wouldn't bet on us actually getting it, or being able to actually play it, if I were you.

3 years 326 days ago
ps4 too       I can't take it anymore