Inquisitor Martyr / PS4 Pro Screen tearing


I made account for this site just to ask that PS4 / PS4 Pro version could have fix/patch for that awful screen tear problem. I would really like to play this game but screen tearing makes playing not that fun experience. And yeah I have tried both performance options. No real fix there or in PS4 resolution options. 4K or 1080p doesn't make any difference.

I have read some info about this problem and it seems it has been happening from the start? Why can't you fix this problem? There shouldn't be this kind of problem after many years of updates for this game.

I hope you will fix this problem to make game experience better. Or just say there is not going to be any real fix so I can move on from this game.

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Inquisitor Martyr / PS4 Pro Screen tearing
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1 year 265 days ago

Please pay attention to the upcoming patch which will be out on 13 February. It will contain various performance fixes.

1 year 266 days ago
e qual a previsão para sair os patchs de ajustes ? por que está impossível jogar o jogo no ps4, vou acabar pedindo reembolso se o problema nao for solucionado rápido, colocam o jogo na promoção para playstation, e é impossível de jogar
1 year 266 days ago
Many changes have been made in this regard and the game has reportedly become more optimized since its release. The next two patches will also include adjustments. We hope these will help you!