I am enjoying the game so thank you


I think this game is a whole new level of fun compared to first release version. 

Just started playing a new psyker toon and was really trash at it till I started researching some psyker builds. I was originally  using it with a two handed staff build I did myself. I originally played it by single shotting at stuff and then dying... "There has to be a better way. This is bulls***t" I said to myself. Researched a new build. Now I am using a twin single handed weapon build (telekinetic rod and aether blade) with 4 spells on the bar. Totally awesome damage output with maelstrom on the right mouse button and fiery form. Just wade into the mobs and right mouse them into oblivion... YAY!!!! So much fun compared to my old method. Now I wade through missions +8 with no issues at level 73 psyker. I don't play at less than +5 anymore at all. Amazing! I was frustrated at not completing challenges +4 or more levels higher. I see now it was just my bad build.  

This made me realise I was not working stuff out well enough on my own and that this game needs some research of builds to make it fun. I went back to my crusader and realised I was using a really bad build with a two handed greatsword and doing whirly things to kill mobs...and then dying. Time to do some research and fix that too. It took me many months to get him to level 75. I did the psyker to same level in less than week...

I love the new psyker toon I made. And all that made me realise I was suddenly having fun in the game. This is actually fun to play compared to the original release. The minor bugs are slowly being fixed. I am still seeing the odd game crash now and then, but over all it is all working great. The void crusade is interesting and worth some time. I was not a fan of the intel missions, but with the new psyker build I am coming around to the concept as being fun, especially now I have all the Uthers tarot cards. The campaign was interesting to run through on the new psyker toon, and I ran up to level 70 in no time. Levelling used to be slow as anything, but now the psyker is rampaging along to level 70+ in less than a week. Started a tech-priest to see what they were like and love the companion bots for soaking up damage and making dps. That toon will be fun too once I find a decent build. 

I just wanted to say thank you for a great game, for all the fun and hope you keep up the good work. 

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I am enjoying the game so thank you
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322 days ago
I had a very similar experience regarding both the awesome 2.0 update and the spec builds of my crusader and assassin. 

You're making me want to roll a psyker now. I've been curious for a while but was so busy with my others.