Holy and Daemon Forged items might need a rethink


Daemon and Holy forged items are supposed to be the top tier loot in the game.

I've yet to find one of either that has a better affix than any ordinary relic.

16% chance on hit to put a low damage dot/debuff on an enemy is not top tier loot worthy - I could craft a purple item better than this.

Either some poor affixes need purging from the Daemon/Holy loot pool, or some better ones need adding.  Or both.

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Holy and Daemon Forged items might need a rethink
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154 days ago
In case of increased feedback we will naturally consider balancing the various item tiers. Thanks for the feedback! 
154 days ago
The random assignments might give you sometimes morality choices although I have gotten only puritan ones so far
155 days ago
I think we also need the ability to grind Morality points because during the campaign, I choose options based on how I felt at the time not knowing that I needed to choose one path at the start and stick with it. Now I'm sitting at 50/300 Radical points and have no way to get anymore.