Getting Stuck at World Map


On the first chance to buy and sell items screen, I can not use the world map to progress. When I try a screen saying downloading with progression shows up. Even letting that finish does not help and if I delete download it takes the game out of my PS4 game library. I have tried playing on two different copies of the game and Im still having the issue.  My PSN tag is Multo_Ka

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Getting Stuck at World Map
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312 days ago

I have the same issue. See screen shot. How the hell can post a screenshot if it’s not even a Freekin option. 

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326 days ago
Actually nevermind.... Ive spent too much time on trying to get it to work. Im going to return game, maybe at a later time Ill rebuy off the psn network.
327 days ago
Could you take a photo about the error message and attach it to your original post here? We would like to take a look on this, thanks!