Game NEEDS better ways to get morality points


This isn't a suggestion, it's a desperate cry for help. Seriously, the morality point system is out of this world bonkers in how infuriating it is. Finishing the 4 main campaigns only gets you like 150-200 or something morality points, and then after that you can only get them through priority assignments. You only get 1 of those a day, and the chances on it so low, that you're lucky to get 1 choice to show up for 15 points in a week. This system is very poorly designed, the chance to get points shouldn't be randomized, and it shouldn't be behind a time gate (ie not in anyway even grindable, you simply have to wait for more chances at priority assignments. It also doesn't help that I am almost certain that occasionaly the game bugs out and sometimes doesn't even award you morality points when it's supposed to. Leveling already takes far too long, but at this rate you can get to 100 and still have weeks to go before you are finally able to use the morality gear that starts dropping at 80. Considering how strong some of these items are for some builds, it can completely halt your progression. Even in the genre of ARPG's where grinding is a given, I feel like this game has such a complete disrespect for the players time with how long it takes to level, get tarot cards, and morality points.

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Game NEEDS better ways to get morality points
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