Game grinding to a halt on certain levels - PS5 Edition


So in trying to identify why the PS5 version is so slow and the framerate is awful I decided to forgo the $30 refund and press on.

While playing through the game it appears that certain textures are perhaps causing the memory bottleneck, it also REALLY depends on your camera height. If you’re playing with the camera far out from your character, the camera stutters and there is a jarring visual effect when panning left and right. It’s particularly noticeable on the command deck. I was playing a random level and the frame rate was almost 30fps but then a whole number of emeries spawned in and BANG …. The whole game stalled for 1 to 1.5 seconds.

I played another different level with a different environment map and textures and the same problem that a lot of other people have mentioned … the camera as your panning and moving is jarring and doesn’t move smoothly. The best way to describe it is like you’re missing a frame or two as you’re moving around or perhaps the frame timing is out (thanks Digital Foundry) … either way, its not a touch on the PS4 version which even with the lower fidelity provides a far smoother experience than the current state of the PS5 version.

@MARCOPOLOCS‍ … I hope this helps.

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Game grinding to a halt on certain levels - PS5 Edition
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91 days ago
All done sir!
91 days ago

The camera you say? I will immediately forward your report to the console team. Thanks for input, we truly appreciate your help!

If you have a few minutes, could you also please check on this post and answer the listed questions? We are in the middle of collecting data from players who have problems with the FPS: 

Thanks for any further feedback in advance!