Game freeze


I just entered open world campaign and now I have to search 3 locations for the magis to heal the space marine.

When I approach the objective marker, dialog triggers but freezes/ stutters the game every time. All info I can give:

- Tested 3 of 3 locations

- Problem occurs both with and without secondary objective (mortars) completed

- Tested both prophecy and base

- Tested with all graphic options switched

- Verified Cache

- Processor and memory seem fully committed to the game

- Alt tab is possible, in game buttons don't respond

- Game sound plays but sometimes stutters

- Effects like fog and water are still moving but might stutter

- Other missions seem unaffected

- Problem persists after completing other missions

- Tried lowest settings with borderless windowed

- PC restarted

- Drivers updated


- windows 10 home

- Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

- Quad Intel i5-2500 cpu @ 3.30ghz

- 8gb ram

Help me

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Game freeze
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314 days ago
Thank you, it's working already! I am amazed!
314 days ago

We released a hotfix just now, the problem was resolved and you can properly proceed in the campaign now. Thank you for your patience!

314 days ago

Thank you for the report, we are already working on the issue right now and are planning to release a new hotfix in Steam today or tomorrow at most.