Future DLC/Add-on


So far I really like the game. But! I honestly think it could be expanded.

How: it is mentioned by the Inquisitor himself: strongholds.

What would they do? Well if you increase the stronghold it could hold upgrades that would for example improve crafting. 

(So far crafting has been disappointing as I got lucky with drops and am running around with a chainsword I go ages ago and everything is less quality ....) .

Or it could "improve system  stability and security" meaning less white missions (hey if you do send an inquisitor out to work at least give him a worthwhile job?) 

Or something simple as during say a mission where you can summon an astartes if the mission is against chaos: you get a Grey Knight

instead (Ordo Malleus), for Tyranids you get Death Watch (Ordo Xenos) and for Heretics/Renegades you get Bolter Bi ... ahem I meant Adepta Soraritas (Ordo Hereticus).

It could also have a small manufactorum that allows you upgrades to say the Crimson Wanderer for missions specific to that. 

Of course the higher the stronghold level the higher the items in the store and the rarer they are. (Like Tarot cards maybe? Because getting those to max level is a grind of EPIC proportions)

Each available subsystem could have one stronghold maximum. And could of course feature missions to defend it. 

And of course make max level in the future 150, allowing us to unlock more passives. 

Anyways good game so far, with my only meh being that added tarots don't seem to work every mission. Which is a shame considering the amount of cards one needs to upgrade all Tarots and that crafting seems to be a bit meh (crusades drop reaaaallllyyy good stuff)

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Future DLC/Add-on
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138 days ago
If you own both Martyr and Prophecy could you launch the Martyr client instead of Prophecy? The DLCs should appear then.
139 days ago

Well, I can't even play DLC I bought, can't activate them by some reason. I see all DLCs activated in STEAM but need to pay for them in game o_O...
Any thoughts on that?

194 days ago

Thanks for your suggestions, our designers will have a look at it.

As for the Tarot card bugs: could you please elaborate this a little more? They should either work or don't without any exception so any further feedback could help us track down the issue. Thanks in advance!

194 days ago
I really like your idea.

The inquisitor indeed mentions he/she 'd like a fortress of his/her own.
If this came out as a DLC I'd buy it.
E.g. doing missions in a storyline to hunt and get a fortress (maybe even one for each subsector) and then being able to invest resources to get upgrades.

In the ship, you unlock the ordos stores, the innoculator and the tech priest and they each have their own ways of progression (Tech priest tech, unlocking new innoculator components and doing missions for Xenos reputation).
But a more elaborate way to unlock and upgrade differerent things would be awesome in my opinion.

It would give you more varied things to do and unlocking and improving things is also fun so something like this would just be great overall.

I'll keep my fingers crossed but I'm not sure such a major add-on to the game is feasable at this point in time.
I'm curious to what the devs think about this.