Further Tech Adept feedback

  • Constructs are still too fragile - in fact it feels like Kastelans have actually been nerfed in terms of toughness since the last patch with them going down much more easily to groups
  • Constructs have no sense of self preservation - standing in effects like poison, just chilling and dying.  I have to move for them to get out of it
  • Constructs NEED to be labelled or identified individually to a skill button in some way.  I'm trying a 5 Kataphron build and playing "guess which construct died" is not a fun game.  In one case one died and I ended up resummoning all 4 of the existing ones before getting to the one that died because I had to rotate blindly through my skills.  I also had to wait for my resource to regenerate each time which led to a lot of downtime
  • Construct healing is too slow - there's no innoculator type process we can go through to bring them back to strength.  Some can be resummoned, sure but that's not practical (or even possible) for the more expensive ones.  This leads to a lot of time sitting and waiting in missions.  This is even with the regen items and passive.
  • Damage still needs some work even after the last patch.  I like that the Vanguard cleave has vulnerability now, we need more of the same on the other constructs, particularly the Kastelans
  • Can we please have our summons port in with us at the start of a map?  Standing waiting for resource to recharge to summon all of my Kataphrons at the start of a level is a bit tedious

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Further Tech Adept feedback
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297 days ago
For Katathrons, you have a line under each one showing his life. So if one dies, you know which one by missing the line under the skill.