Freeze on opening void crusade chests - loot gone


I just finished a void crusade. Opened the first chest (morality relics) didn't know what they were, was looking in inventory, went back and the game had froze. Could still use menus but character would not move, camera would not move. Didn't open supreme chests or any others.

Opted to reset PS4 in hope it would rollback. Log in, told void crusade complete but loot appears to be gone. Gutted.

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Freeze on opening void crusade chests - loot gone
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1 year 90 days ago
Check your main character's inventory, 3rd page. A couple of lootboxes lay there.
1 year 95 days ago
90% sure it was ivory

PSN is GreyXenicus

Many thanks!

1 year 95 days ago
Did you run Ebony Crusade, if I may ask?

Please let me know your PSN, we will compensate your loss to some extent.