Forgotten Aresnal DLC



couple of days ago I bought the Forgotten Arsenal DLC in the Neocore Store. Now wanted to check in with my character but the DLC is not available in-game. My Neocore account is of course linked to my game account. Thanks for your help in advance.



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Forgotten Aresnal DLC
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3 years 263 days ago
@RAYS23‍ please reply back to us here if you could successfully find the DLC ingame.
3 years 265 days ago

Hey there @RAYS23‍ ,

you need to activate your purchased GameKey via Steam to unlock the Forgotten Arsenal content.

If you don't have the e-mail which contains the GameKey, just go to: , and click on the vertical triple dot "more icon" on your order's right side and then on the "Show GameKey(s)" option in the dropdown menu, type in your password and your GameKey will appear, which can be activated via Steam under the "Games" > "Activate a Product on Steam" menu.

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