Feedback 0.8


Hey !

First of all, thank you for this great huge patch. new content are really great !

Some observations :

1. Please PLEASE optimize this game ! I have an ASUS ROG GTX 1060 6Go / RAM 16Go / CPU 28-3.5 GHz and most of the time the game is laggy ! even when i reduce shadows graphic option and others....

2. Can you add new 40k race enemy and ally ? orc, tyranides, eldar, tau, necron, etc, etc...

3. New environments added are great, so, keep on adding more in order to give au more varied game

4. Give the game an aspect more "open world" (maybe later) you know the game "Warframe" ? last update add a huge big map with many mission and events, etc....try to do the same would be really awsome !

5.Can you add more varied mission objectif ?

Thank you  !  

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Feedback 0.8
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