Everything Missing from Seasonal Stasis Casket


Season of the Warp Surge on a PC client through Steam. After completing a mission on the war campaign and selling off the unneeded drops, I went to deposit some shards and fragments in the stasis casket, which was mostly full. It contained quite a bit of gear, around 40 intels, plenty of void crusade items sufficient to run any of the crusades several times, a collection of multiples of every psalm code, all respresenting hundreds of hours of gameplay, and now it has all vanished. I logged into another seasonal character, and can confirm the stasis casket is empty there too. Any way to recover these items? This is gamebreaking. 

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Everything Missing from Seasonal Stasis Casket
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68 days ago
Thank you for the heads up! Was so disheartened at the loss, I was ready to shelf the game. Just logged in and checked and everything is back in the stasis casket.
68 days ago
A safe-mechanism was built into Inquisitor to prevent irreversible item loss. After a game restart the items should re-appear in your inventory please check on it!