Equiping two one handed weapons not applying correct skills


When equipping two weapons of one type, you get both the main hand skills and the off hand skills. When equipping two different single handed weapons, only the primary skills from both show up. I remember in an older build, whatever weapon that was equipped in the off hand slot provided the off hands secondary skills, or the "1" and "2" skill slots. The primary weapon provided the left click and right click skills. Now if you have two different single handed weapons equipped, then both the left click and right click skills for the weapons get hock keyed into the skill bar. I believe this is a bug and this kills build options if this is intentional. Please change behavior....

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Equiping two one handed weapons not applying correct skills
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262 days ago
I do agree that the way this was implemented makes dual wielding mismatched weapons utterly useless. You get two equally spammable abilities which by necessity invalidates one of them, and two decent abilities which may overlap but aren't the good ones which you can only, only get by dual wielding.

Imagine, if instead, one handed weapons had four different skills - auto, main , offhand, and dual wield. If you equip matched weapons, you get those same four skills, same as now. However, if you equip two different ones, your left click alternates between the two guns you have equipped, you have the main skills of both, and the offhand of only one of them. You do not get the dual wield ability and, lo and behold, so much more variety for us to pick from.

And while we're at it, the autopistol later skills are so obviously designed to be used while closing to melee that it hurts that you can't do that. :(

263 days ago
ok, just curious. To me this makes using two different melee weapons useless as you loose the movement abilities and or area affect skills. Plus you have basically given us only "auto attack" skill instead of real skills. So it makes it feel like you are removing core skill from an already limited skill selection. Just a thought and I do appreciate you getting back with me though and for your input.
263 days ago
This is not a bug, we intentionally designed it this way due if only the 3rd and 4th skills would be active the dual-wielding would be way more powerful in contrast with the original 4 skills and this would led to the breaking of the balance between the weapons.
264 days ago
I want to add that it seams to just be the assassin class.