Eldar Craftworld?


Fluff nerd reporting in. Has a craftworld been designated for the Aeldari we encounter in game? I first encountered them the other day and as a tabletop Eldar player, I was so conflicted killing them, and I thought their color scheme was very striking. Just lookin for some info if there is any.

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Eldar Craftworld?
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2 years 122 days ago
The Prophecy campaign references quite a bit of backstory on the Aeldari that you encounter during it. I'm no lore expert, but I thought it was definitely a neat addition. I don't really want to spoil the story, but I think your question has a non-superficial answer that you'll enjoy, at least for the Aeldari in Prophecy.
2 years 122 days ago
I do not believe they are a specific Craftworld as such. I think they are just that. Eldar as in quite simply the race Eldar. Or Aeldari as they are now called.

First they were the Space Elves. Then they decided to call them the Eldar. Then they became the Aeldari. What´s next? The one who lives will see.