Dual Wielding


Is there a way to wield an offhand weapon or is it literally just a side arm?

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Dual Wielding
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5 years 280 days ago

I have found running las pistol and auto pistol is a great combo also the plasma with the auto or bolt pistol is fun too

5 years 280 days ago
It would be nice to be able to dual wield melee weapons.
5 years 283 days ago
Using two different pistols, you can use the abilities 1 and 2 of each pistol.

Using two pistols of the same kind, you can use the abilities 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the pistol. First abilities use only one pistol. Last abilities may use both pistol.

The system is not great.

You would expect to use both pistols anytime (at least for basic abilities).

If you can't, it would be better to cross abilities : having first ability of each pistol on the mouse and the second on the keyboard.

5 years 284 days ago
Ehh guess the second pistol is just a stat stick then

5 years 284 days ago
Is that perhaps more a situation if you use a pistol by itself? ( I have not tried it, but something to check later )
5 years 284 days ago
If you dual weild two different pistols you can shoot both, if you equip 2 of the same you can use abilities 1-4 of said pistol but one is redundant in terms of ammo. If you use one and a melee you get a 50/50 split of abilities. That's teh current system
5 years 284 days ago
But the pistols have 4 skills on em so if I don't dual wield do I lose 2 of them?
5 years 284 days ago
Going for that Cypher look huh? I think based on the weapons Ive seen and how the abilities are set, you probably will be stuck with the sword/chainsword and pistol/shield combo. Its possible that might change though, also based on classes like assassin i would expect them to be able to dual wield say two melee weapons