Difficulty increase is ridiculous


Neocore, we asked for a difficulty dropdown. What did we get instead? Impossible missions.
I have been trying to do a +13 supreme (the one with the boss) that, in the past, I could obliterate in about 1 minute.
Now? It feels literally impossible (meaning that, given my resources, I can see myself running out of inoculator charges + belt items and end up chipping away at the boss' shield which will regenerate far faster than I can damage it).

This is your idea of game design? We (meaning the people who play the game the most) asked for DROPDOWNS. DIFFICULTY MODIFIERS. WE DIDN'T ASK FOR INFINITE HEALTH ENEMIES.

Second, notice how you nerfed everything good in the game that allowed us to do the highest difficulties? Notice how, instead of BUFFING, you just decided to shit on everything that stood out as useful? Why is that? You have no creativity? Oh yes, it's much harder to create and improve than it is to simply slap X and Y and Z around and call it a day.

Third, even IF I was to grind some more and figure out some super build that can do this +13 supreme as easily as I could before, it STILL wouldn't matter cause your new ancients are mediocre. There is literally NOTHING to grind for, unless you secretly added a bunch of godly morality relics that nobody knows about (or that, at least, I don't know about).

EDIT: Edited out the harsher comments LOL

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Difficulty increase is ridiculous
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2 years 225 days ago
Posted by Potpie 2 years 225 days ago
Wow.  I honestly cannot grasp how someone could get so spun up about a video game.

That's cause you have no imagination.

2 years 225 days ago
Wow.  I honestly cannot grasp how someone could get so spun up about a video game.
2 years 225 days ago

I just spent what felt like 30 min trying to take the big bastard down. It's impossible (for me). I can't break through that bs shield that he has. I also think that some of my passives don't work (what a shocker if true).

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2 years 225 days ago
I changed my builds...using Heavy Flamer now. Doing much better, but the drastic increase in difficulty is absurd. I have to admit, though...it is fun actually being challenged again...in a masochistic sort of way.
2 years 225 days ago

+11, I used to have to use two Short Bursts (grenade launcher right click) to take down Chaos Marines.
Now? Grenades barely scratch them. I have to shoot them about one hundred times.
Neocore logic at work.
Oh, and after you spend about one to two minutes lobbing grenades in their face non-stop, you're rewarded with some pos green item.

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2 years 225 days ago

i have to agreed some of your idea. 

very long fight without garrented reward is none-sense.

simply add 10 times health to enemy is almost worst idea of design.

nerf every thing avialable for end game is really stupid compare with

improve something have too much disadvantage.

for example:

all range weapon should have a stable way to have armor break.

chain, fork, explosive, w/e method for single shot weapon

to deal with group enemy. (also it should not require player to put

resource on extra set of gear or invest another skill. easiest solution

now is psm-code and enchant on sub gear like sigum, main implant).

so they do not deal the shitty situtation and able to approach the

level of grav gun.

the characterize of acient relic is rediculours,  it usually bind with 

some useless meme enchant rather solid status that required.

heat damage bonus is totally shit compare with crit chance 

and crit strengh on weapon. diversity does not equal to build

some thing with meme status that meaningless

before season inferno, i would say Martyr is a solid arpg game,

especially when other classical arpg have obviously problem.

D3 become unique set 3, have almost no space for build.

poe have stupid idea in 2/3 almost league they published 

2018 summer - 2020

(some of them are much worse than you can find in past Martyr)

wolcen have best character customize, that i would like even pay for.

but art desgin of skill is really stupid : summon a energy weapon that 

have no relate to your own weapon (like summon a hammer to slam 

ground, while you want play a character use claymore).

i do wish that Martyr would not follow their step