Damage conversion mechanics


I'm looking for an explanation of how damage conversion mechanics work in Inquisitor.

I know of 2 ways to convert damage to another type from the top of my head (there may be more, I only play Crusader for... roleplaying reasons): Holy weapon mod that converts all damage to heat and pslam doctrine that converts all physical to warp. 

Most basic question, is if I convert A source into B source, willl I receive benefits affecting both A and B?

Then there is the issue of double dipping. Like say I have a generic damage bonus of 10% and I convert my damage, will I get the generic boost both for the first type, then for the converted type?

Also what if I have both the holy mod and the pslam doctrine? My guess is that it all turns into heat damage, but can't be sure. I assume there has to be a one way priority order for damage conversion (I assume Phys->Warp->Heat)

What if I have an effect like the pslam doctrine saying "all warp damage becomes armour breaking" and then convert that damage to another type? 

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Damage conversion mechanics
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2 years 216 days ago
Thanks for the answer. I figured that hoping for the brokennes of POE was a bit optimistic. Can't say I'm overly sad about it to be honest, it is waaaaay too rewarding there compared how easy it is to do.

At the moment I was mostly intrested in the "compound damage bonus" part, since with the changed crit tresholds, and the right item setup, if I just rolled phys /heath/warp flat damage bonuses on gear, a noncrit build build with 4-5 of the base damage buffing doctrines might have performed well, and I love the holy mod that explodes enemies for +50% base damage. I guess it's easy enough to test, I'll just slap a holy weapon on that converts to heath on a build with all physical bonuses and will see what happens.

2 years 216 days ago
Hey there. First things first, I'm gonna burst the bubble: this isn't path of exile, and those conversion tricks don't really work here. (Yep, we've tried, too.)

As far as I am aware, most skills operate on the damage type you've converted to, because most of them trigger off the damage dealt. There's even a couple of small effects which might seem like they apply to the original, but don't (for instance, the heat passive tree keystone skill applies *only* to heat damage, not physical damage dealt using energy weapons). The physical passive tree node that applies vulnerability on physical crit does not operate when using the convert-to-warp doctrine.

I've not tested the compound case, so if you have both components, I'll defer to you, but I would wager that---again---it is probably not like PoE where there is a unified mechanism. It is more likely that one simply subsumes the other, and even if it does not, since most things are keyed off the damage dealt, the end behavior would probably end up being similar from the outside. Likewise, I would suspect that the armor-breaking doctrine would cease to apply if you converted to something else.

That all said, I've only personally tried some of the possible cases, and I am not privy to the implementation, so if you do end up doing more experiments on the question, please let us know! I'd love to know what you experience.

2 years 217 days ago

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