Couple of suggestions


Just a couple of ideas and thoughts...

1) It would be nice to have the option to reroll the component sockets on an inoculator. Perhaps this could be an addition to the tech-tree? It's a bit heartbreaking to have an inoculator with perfect stats but the colours for the components are all wrong!

2) Would it be possible to have the archaeotech relic blueprints show which archaeotech mod they will grant before I purchase them?

3) The Ordo Malleus shop seems underwhelming compared to the other two. I never need to bother checking it while I always check the others.  Maybe it could sell higher level shards and psalms. Or add in some other useful items such as tarot cards, intels and the like?

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Couple of suggestions
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1 year 14 days ago
The 2. point was also requested by other players. It is not something I can promise but we will give it a serious consideration at least!

The rest have been forwarded to our designers, they will check them out. Thanks for your feedback!