Couple bugs from first few hours


First off, thank you for opening this up for early access. I'm loving this game so far! Here are just a few minor things I noticed today.

Camera Rotation:

When playing Windowed (Borderless) it's hard to move the camera around. I can pan and circle with the middle mouse button fine, but if you have more than one monitor it's hard to get it to move to the direction of your second screen. The cursor will also occasionally get stuck on the "rotate" icon, even when hovering over to attack something. Easily cleared by selecting an action.

Bleeding Cross Monastery

- Wasn't allowed to move Sir Ector when starting the final battle. He was stuck behind the greyed out boxes and unable to fight anything. This is when approaching from the back right corner of the room.

Item: Sigil of Toutatis

- Spelling error in description. Reads: "Every time the Hero is it, gain 5% damage for 1 turn."

Couple bugs from first few hours
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