Content Update for Inquisitor - v2.3.3 - October 6


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically after the scheduled maintenance and when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. Please also note that during maintenance, players will be unable to login.

Patch v2.3.3

New event: Unsavory Business

  • Sometimes the interests of the Imperium and business coincide. A mysterious businessman is asking you to help him preserve his profit. Are you willing to play sellsword? Or maybe just consider it another opportunity to serve the Emperor? Either way, there's profit in it for you too.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed various crash issues (mostly related to the controller)
  • Fixed the Rapid Elimination Protocol perk
  • Fixed the Enhanced Attrition perk
  • Fixed an issue where conflicting Tarot and/or Warzone hazards could apply on the same mission
  • Fixed the mechanism and the description of the Week of the Hoard weekly bonus. The bonus also had an effect on the amount of loot acquired at the end of the various Void Crusades which was not the intended behavior
  • Optimized the mechanism of the Mail Terminal
  • Fixed the chain effect of the Arc Blade's Voltaic Arc skill which stopped on enemy death
  • Fixed the Endurance module's base attribute which could not be rerolled
  • The obtainable XP displayed on the mission briefing window was not updated if a Meme Virus consumable was used. This has been fixed
  • Several typos were corrected
  • A special Void Crusade mission could appear among the various Starmap missions. It has been removed
  • Certain missions' level could go into the negative which has been fixed
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Content Update for Inquisitor - v2.3.3 - October 6
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2 years 96 days ago


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2 years 96 days ago

season mode, starting by inferno coming on xbox 6 month later....  you F. kidding me, when we finaly have an update we havee this shit? and again 6 month later... what a bunch of F. cnt... pfff since rhe first day i bought and played that game on console and since the first day you F. us with no shame, just a message like "you wait 1 years more than pc, for half the content and paid more for this shit than pc...." what a shame, enough, i just erased the game and data, you are a shame in this industry, specially for  a game with a " big company" behind!

dont even know how to do a game with a 10 years old gameplay.. . F. YOU 

This comment was edited 2 years 96 days ago by Warfurr
2 years 112 days ago
Brother Kundari

Indeed you deserve. Not many decided to fight for the completion of all the tier objectives. The rewards, I hope, will reflect this as well.

This comment was edited 2 years 112 days ago by Marcopolocs
2 years 114 days ago
No, it´s ok. I thought it was on your side. But still, this do becomes, as they say, it is a bit on the edge here. Cheater... Exploiter... Even though it is "possible" you do know it is kinda "wrong", since everyone does know that 200 pts is the max you can get per week.

But me, coming among the Top 10 here. I doubt it. You know, I´m happy just to actually complete all the Challenges on Tier 5. I think that is quite a feat in and out of itself. I still have 5 Tier 5 Challenges left, and those includes +10 Lvls above and some other frustrating ones. Me and many others deserve to be among the Tops just to finish the Hard work of getting all Tiers done.

2 years 114 days ago
Brother Kundari

I can tell that this was an overlook on our end, the players who found the bug just simply used it. This was all on us, we noticed it too late. 

Sorry for the caused troubles, especially if this made you lose the chance to get into the top 10 in the Season.

This comment was edited 2 years 114 days ago by Marcopolocs
2 years 115 days ago
Was there not also one thing among the fixed bugs that sounded something like - We removed the glitch that made it possible to collect more Cortex Fragments than were allowed. Or something like that.

Well, anyway. I can say for sure there are at least 1 person, and likely more on the Top 10 list in-game that had collected 2000 Cortex Fragments already back in start/mid August. A time where having collected that much would have been impossible with 200 pts only per week from the start.

I seriously think that you Neocore Team should check up in this matter. Cheaters... or really not? Hhmmm. Well, it does make me wonder.

2 years 122 days ago
I certainly will do, thank you for the reply. 
2 years 122 days ago
Could you please directly contact us at [email protected], describe the problem in detail and attach pictures to it which show the Magos Biologis and the Perils of the Warp achievements' progress on your end? 

According to our data your Magos Biologis achievement is on 65 while the other one is 7. 

2 years 122 days ago
Have you tried verifying your Cache thingy? Try that. And restart.
2 years 122 days ago
Cant play game after update keep crashing on load screen
2 years 123 days ago
Has there or will there be any updates on trophies/achievements not popping after achieving milestones such as spawning 100 warp anomalies and using the booster type innoculator 250 times? 

I Havent seen any mention bar a comment 60+ days ago.