Constant Latency in Co-op and Random Server Time-Outs


Is there a reason co-op lags constantly and times-out at the end of missions? My buddy and I play 2-player co-ops, we live in the same city, both have fiber, and we can't even get enough consistency to have a smooth experience in-game. Considering how grindy the current event is, it would be nice to not lose progress right when we finish a mission, which has happened over five times this week. 

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Constant Latency in Co-op and Random Server Time-Outs
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2 years 249 days ago

Ive been posting about this since buying the game for the 2nd time. First ti.e was on launch. This has to do with the game. I was told to turn off challenge mode to fix it. Didnt but at least they got our money.

2 years 251 days ago
There were technical related problems on our servers over the weekend but these got averted by our backend provider. Could you please check if you still experience the same problem?