"Connection Lost" Timeout Increase - 45 or 60 secs ideally


I have somewhat of an infuriating problem that would hopefully be an easy fix. It's not exactly a bug, so I put it in Feedback, here goes:

Some background, I live in a rural area where literally the only Internet service is so called "high speed Internet" by Verizon, which basically translates to shit ADSL. Infrastructure is old and no one really gives a damn about upgrading it. As a result I get a lot of noise on my cables, especially in the evenings, which results in sporadic disconnects on the network level.

The frustrating part is: These usually take about 25-30 seconds to fix themselves. They are short enough that my router does not actually notice that it lost connection (rather it treats it as packet loss) but are JUST long enough to trigger the "Connection to Neocore servers lost" thing and to kick me back into the main menu. Like when I just finished a mission. Or found particularly nice loot. Or generally had a good time.

I literally see the ADSL modem give an all clear signal again JUST as I'm loading back into the main menu, only to be instantly logged back into character select and dumped on the bridge of the Inquisitor ship. It's... A little aggravating. I looked if there is any hidden option or something in settings, but no dice.

Now I know why the check is there, but since I'm playing solo, can it be extended to say 45 or ideally 60 seconds? It does not seem to matter on the gameplay level, since everything in-game is ran locally anyway and it would make at least one costumer way less mad at their own Internet for messing up their fun.

Alternatively, make the failing the 30 sec check bring up a "quit to main menu or try reconnecting" dialog WITHOUT kicking me out of my current mission, but just pausing the game until either connection is reestablished or I choose to quit on my own. That would potentially solve more than my problem with random connection loss.


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"Connection Lost" Timeout Increase - 45 or 60 secs ideally
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