Co-op Seasonal Void Crusade Achievements


I play regular co-op with my wife, and when we play through a Void Crusade together only one of us gets the Seasonal achievement for completing that Void Crusade. Please change the Seasonal achievements so that participants in a Void Crusade can get the achievements for completing and/or mastering them. Right now what you've got discourages Co-op play, which doesn't feel great.

It's probably impossible for the Mastery achievements, but everyone who participates in a Supreme mission should get credit for completing a Void Crusade.

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Co-op Seasonal Void Crusade Achievements
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1 year 137 days ago
It makes sense when you really think about it. Because that Season Challenge is meant to be done Solo. The Challenge doesn´t say specifically - Master a Void Crusade with a/your Co-Op Group.

And if people also said Challenges, it would be easier to know what. Easy to think of Achievements as exactly that. Achievements. The ones you get fulfilling criterias in-game.

Season CHALLENGES is actually different.

But also when getting this Challenge. I guess the one who is actually getting the Challenge, is the one who is actually HOSTING the Crusade, is it not?

Well, then, be the different HOST for each Crusade then. Problem solved.

Until Neocore makes it different of course.

1 year 137 days ago
This will not likely to get changed this Season but I forwarded your request to our Endgame team who are responsible for the Seasons and they will consider it.

Thanks for your feedback!