City of Suffering Crashes


City of Suffering keeps crashing for me when I start reaching very high scores (8k+). This happens on both my desktop PC and my laptop, so it doesn't seem to be a computer-specific issue...

The mission seems to run fine and then it suddenly judders to a halt and the game crashes completely.

As I want to get into the top 10, which I am on target to do, it's really annoying. :)

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City of Suffering Crashes
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254 days ago
Awesome!  Thanks. :)
255 days ago
The next patch will contain crash fixes. These changes hopefully resolves the crash issue you experience in the City of Suffering mission.
256 days ago
Any update on this?

I just tried again but it crashed again - this time when I was on about 8500 points. :(    Sat 21 Sept, 14:53 CEST.

261 days ago
Thank you!

The last time I tried was on Saturday 14th and it was with my assassin, Madiya.

261 days ago

We will check the crash reports which were generated upon crashing in the City of Suffering DLC mission. Thanks for the report!