Character not active/visible after respawn


Respawning following a death in mission, my character is no longer visible to my coop team mate, and when I run around the map no enemies spawn in. When my team mate runs the map the enemies spawn but they are not aggressive to me, and I'm unable to damage them despite direct hits. I can still do things like open chests. My constructs don't follow me but look like they're appearing and disappearing in a line on the small map. We have to abort the mission.

This has started since the new season/update. I'm playing a tech adept and am not team leader when it happens. I've only seen it happen in storyline missions (but I haven't played much of the other kinds of missions so far this season).

It's not happening every time, maybe once every five missions or so. 

I'm on PC.

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Character not active/visible after respawn
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1 year 59 days ago
We have the same issues, for the revived player monster wont load/delayed and he wont do damage. But it also happend for me as party leader.
1 year 59 days ago
Thanks, I appreciate the detailed reply. Our testers will put some hours into the case to find the root of the problem. Sorry for the troubles.
1 year 60 days ago
Just did some testing.

- It's not happening when I'm the leader (I've been the follower all the other times)

- Respawning on my own after dying

- It hasn't happened on my previous seasonal characters (or not so often that it was bed enought to remember)

- Only me, my friend is fine whether revived or respawining

My account is "shmouf" and my seasonal hero is "Clangster".

Thanks for the quick response!

1 year 62 days ago
If you are the leader then this doesn't happen? Do you get revived or you respawn on your own after you die? The same applies to all of your characters or only one? Your friend experienced the same problem or only you?

Also, can you tell me your account and character names?