Can't access Rogue Trader Store (PC)


after an issue with being unable to speak to the rogue trader (due to not having space for more loot and the game wanting to give me more) I got space for the extra loot and then tried to reaccess the rogue trader (for mission debrief). However I could not get the rogue trader dialogue to come up, logged out of the game and back in, then I could get the mission info up but the mission tracker did not update and I couldn't access the store (still saying I had to talk to the rogue trader), the next mission had become available and I completed it hoping it would fix the issue, but no cigar. So can't access the store to sell items and the rogue trader wouldn't stop saying I need to talk to her.

account: Zouron
Character: Marcus

Store Page
Can't access Rogue Trader Store (PC)
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186 days ago
Can you check your access to the shop now? It should be good now.