Campaign Progress Issue (PS4)



On my Crusader (Draz) I'm stuck at Prophecy: Gathering Storm Infestation, I need to talk to the Magos Biologis but when I do, I ask for an update on the Space Marine and nothing else happens. 

On my Psyker (Lucien) I need to talk to Metrodora about the condition of the Space Marine, but nothing happens when I do.

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Campaign Progress Issue (PS4)
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71 days ago
I forwarded your Crusader's issue then as my fixes were apparently not enough.
72 days ago
Thank you I'm happy to wait on the Psyker but I'm still getting the same issue with my Crusader, I get the wrong conversation and can't progress.
72 days ago
Your Crusader's issue has been fixed, your Psyker's issue has been forwarded to the developer team to get fixed. It usually takes 4-5 business days for them to fix such issues. Your patience is kindly asked until then.