Cabal missions didn't reset


I thought this was fixed already in 2018. My newly founded Cabal unfortunately can't progress.

I already disbanded and re-formed the cabal over a week ago as this happened to me, but also the newly created cabal suffers from this bug.

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Cabal missions didn't reset
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2 years 4 days ago
We are on it, you can expect a reset shortly!
2 years 5 days ago

Hi Neocore Team,

could finish registration now but as I said 2 times before my „Cabal Missions“ didn’t reset this and last week! 

Due to that I can’t do more cabal missions do get the trophy. Please reset my cabal missions or even better fix that ugly bug.


2 years 116 days ago

It worked, the directives are now reset and I also got a reward from last week. :)

I would like to promise to build a cathedral or at least a shrine made from Nurgling bones for the quick help, but as this is highly unlikely due to Nurgling scarcity in the Europe of M3, just let me say again: Thank you very much for helping.

2 years 116 days ago
Please check it again. We ran a global script on our backend which reset the directives.
2 years 116 days ago
Unfortunately they didn't. I still have all three cabal missions from last week shown as fulfilled with a checkmark

Pay Tithe to the High Lords

Send Tribute to Mars

Unveil the Truth

They did not reset or get replaced with new ones.

2 years 116 days ago
Please check the directives now. Did they reset?