Bugg char stuck



Im stuck on the Phaedra System and i see me inventory and me class but i not able to go to Command Bridge, cabal, quests social or glory, i can t use them, i just create and new acc coz i m not able to play for 3 days,  me account name is RunSilent,   and class name is Runii37 lvl 72 server EU., Me acc Gmail is [email protected] from PS4, i hoppe we can fix this probl. Thx you!

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Bugg char stuck
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68 days ago
What a waste of time and money's for this game on PS4 and steam...why do u sell a game if u can t fix it! And it's not cool guys...u answer to a ton of ppl fix ther bugs ...here i m waiting for the voice of god to fix me character and thx or no thx...