Archeotech shard problem


I have leveled my season of the warp character to level 92, I have yet to see any archeotech shards drop that are below level 3. How is this possible? hundreds of 3's, 4's, and full shards, but ZERO 1's or 2's. How am I supposed to complete level 3 if I cant combine any shards to make a level 3 shard? Why arent the lower shards dropping?

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Archeotech shard problem
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152 days ago
Cerberus Hades
I'll try that, thanks for the suggestion very much
174 days ago
I'm not sure but maybe you could try doing low level missions on the star map. Should be fast to go through.

Then use tarots that increase chance for archeotech shard drops. Maybe on those lower levels you'll get lower level shards.

I still get lower lvl shards sometimes on my level 86 char

175 days ago
they come lower char levels make an other   char , it is still tie  to seasonal 

then just delete the char u made lower one.