About that silent nerf...


I do get the idea of it being too overpowered but why did you ruin the flow of it... couldnt you just tone down the dmg output for that second ability? but ok its fair enough - your rules.

my question is this :

how long do you expect this "tuning" will take? i am not going to lie i am sick of wasting my time just for the sake of wasting time like certain arpg do. changing cooldowns etc changes gameplay "alot". i tweaked the setup a bit to cope since its impossible now to burn down suppression even with points into +suppression dmg so i still can do what i could do before but its much less fun and micromanagment. really sucks.

am i to expect these kind of balances over and over? because lets face it - eventually someone finds something else thats "op" etc etc. there is just no end. some want it being super challenging some casual. you cannot ultimately balance it so  either at one point you stop balancing and leaving as is or it will be changed over and over until the game closes.

it would be really nice knowing what devs plans for this are. or how they think about balancing. 

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About that silent nerf...
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