King Arthur: Knight's Tale - 2.0 Follow-up Fixes - v2.0.1 | February 29


Updates to King Arthur: Knight's Tale have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Patch v2.0.1

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the 'Forge' armor enhancement not working in missions
  • A change in traits will take effect immediately, instead of waiting one round
  • 'Authority' on the Morality chart will reduce waiting time for decrees by one mission
  • 'The Tale of Sir Yvain' mission will autosave after each encounter as per the mission prompt
  • When (un)equipping an item, Vitality will be taken into account more intuitively, so no accidental hero-deaths occur
  • Sir Bors's 'Tradesman' trait generates a new relic item only when the Merchant restocks, not after every mission.
  • Changes to the Character information tab accessible in missions were made to make them more consistent in what they are showing
  • Fixed Raven Swarm's 'Smother' mastery
  • Vulnerabilities won't stack anymore


  • Several smaller bugs have been fixed on mission maps
  • Several potential issues that could potentially crash the game have been fixed
  • Several localization errors fixed
  • Several controller errors fixed
  • Multiple bugs concerning sound have been fixed
  • AI behavior and skill-based predictions have been improved upon
  • A store link has been added to the main menu

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