2.0 Cannot Re-roll Enchantments on Items


I've tried to re roll enchantments on Artificer and Relic items. The items all have a crafting capacity and I have the relevant materials and credits. I get an animation and a sound but the nothing changes and the materials/credits are not depleted. 

Am I missing something obvious or is this a bug? Can anyone advise.


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2.0 Cannot Re-roll Enchantments on Items
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1 year 26 days ago

Could you please hold onto those items you have problem with and let us know your account name, character name and those items' names? We would like to check them.

1 year 29 days ago

Hi , I'm re-rolling enchants on items , but nothing new . Still got the same enchant , no materials and credits depleted to .

It doesn't happen every times , but like two times out of three , wich is like a lot ^^ 

Hope it will be fixed soon .

1 year 320 days ago

Fixed on our end, we are gonna issue a patch shortly which will fix the problem!

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