xbox: Week of the Conqueror buff missing


Hi, I noticed earlier this week that the weekly buff was not displayed after the patch for xbox. That is still the state and when I did an Ordos mission the Ordos influence reward was 7, which seems normal to me, not +100% as expected.

I put this in the discord #techsupport & #xbox channel yesterday and at least one other user has experienced the same issue.

Please let me know if I can provide additional information. Or, in the rare exception, if I am wrong :) and everything is working as intended.


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xbox: Week of the Conqueror buff missing
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287 days ago

Thanks! I see the buff up now. I haven't run an ordos mission yet, but if I think there is an issue I'll let you know.

287 days ago
We will check this within an hour and if it really is not active we will restore the buff. Thank you for your report!