Xbox One X Graphic Glitch


Hi All,

I am experiencing a graphics glitch on Xbox One X.  The glitch occurs when moving the character (crusader).  When I move my character, the polygons on the character model glitch and disappear for about half a second then reappear.  Its kind of hard to explain, but it's kinda like the character animation is skipping frames.  This happens on both 1080p and 1440p resolution.  Please look into this it is quite annoying.  Also is there any word on performance updates?  This game runs fairly poor especially at 1440p on Xbox One X.  Thanks  

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Xbox One X Graphic Glitch
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4 years 74 days ago

yes, we are planning to improve the performance, it will be a thing soon! (I cannot promise from the next patch but it is on the way!)
Would you please try to make a short footage about the glitch? That would be very helpful!