Xbox one Tech character and cabal


The game is crashing whenever players try to play online for the tech character runining the experience, also the fucking 100th time interacting with my cabal crashes my game fix these bug. Cabal Deep-Eyes euro server also please change the name from Deep-Eyes to Deep Eyes

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Xbox one Tech character and cabal
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88 days ago
The patch intending to fix these crash issues are already at Microsoft's side undergoing the usual certification process which is needed first in order to get the patch released. We hope that by the first half of next week at most we can roll out the patch. Your patience is kindly asked until then.
91 days ago
The game admins are aware of these problems and I have had contact with what are the guys and it is something they are working on. we are not the only people with these problems it appears that the tech addict is having it across all of Xbox plus probably other systems and then there's something whatever the problem with that is also what's breaking the cabals